Honest pricing, αlpha service.

Our flexible pricing approach lets you opt for the short or long term.

The αlphaclub membership
$999/moFixed per semester - no surprises
Your personal αlpharep® manager
Growth guaranteed for all channels
Weekly report of your signals/mentions
Quarterly paper to enhance your strategy
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À la carte
$599Boosting one channel within 45 days

It is great to test that we are providing something credible with a smaller budget as a starter.

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Our signup process is 100% confidential to protect your business.

What does the membership entail?
An exclusive attention for an entire semester to improve the metrics of your online presence, analyze your engagement and provide a more efficient strategy.
What are the payment methods you take?
We accept a wide variety of payment methods, such as but not limited to, credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin and crypto-currencies, SWIFT bank transfers and cash in person.
Is it truly safe for my company/identity?
Absolutely. As we do not need to access your accounts and assets, there will be no liability involved. You cannot be held responsible for the actions we will take.
What's the difference with 'à la carte'?
The services ‘à la carte’ allows you to try our services without opting for a full-stake membership. We will boost one of your online profiles for 45 days and that’s it.
Do you provide any refund?
Yes. We will refund you 50% of your payment, at any time during your campaign, minus all the expenses we would have already engaged for your campaign.
How can I make it truly confidential?
If you need more than a lack of liability and that you seek discretion, we can arrange anonymous memberships, discreet payments, and PGP/encrypted communications.