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Diversify your crypto portfolio with fine art & physical collectibles

Let us help you invest in the finest physical collectibles with your cryptocurrencies

Fine art, paintings & photographs

The latest Banksy paid for with cryptocurrency.

Jewelry, diamonds & watches

The finest diamond paid for with cryptocurrency.

Rare wine, liquor & champagne

Château Lafite paid for with cryptocurrency.

Books, objects & collectibles

Rare old Bible paid for with cryptocurrency.
Fine art with Alphaclub
Top experts with Alphaclub

Find the ideal investment in 1:1 chat sessions with our preeminent experts

Your experience with us begins by specifying the amount of money you wish to invest and the type of collectibles you would like to acquire. We will connect you with the most appropriate experts directly on WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat or other messaging apps.

Following your chat with these experts, you will be able to pick one or several options that the market of fine art and collectibles has to offer, allowing you to diversify your investment portfolio.

Progressive commitment & discretionary acquisitions

Your access to the αlphaclub experience requires a deposit of only 10% of your total investment amount. This deposit is refundable, minus experts’ costs, if you are unhappy with the options available to you for diversifying your investment portfolio.

Nevertheless, once you have selected the right collectible(s) to invest in, you pay us the remaining 90%, and we will act as a broker to organize the acquisition on your behalf. We will arrange all the paperwork for you, including secure delivery and customs clearance.

Progressive process
Acquisition with Alphaclub

The convenient & economical way to add diversity to your crypto investment portfolio

The αlphaclub provides optimal conditions for crypto investors to acquire fine art and collectibles in a cost-effective way.

  • Pay with 30+ cryptos (BTC, ETH, XRP, etc) or with fiat money
  • Progressive commitment starting with a deposit of 10%
  • Refundable deposit (minus time spent with our experts)
  • Small commissions, from as low as 1% to 20% maximum
  • Exclusive access to leading experts in fine art & collectibles
  • End-to-end brokerage service to make acquisitions on your behalf
Build a collection
Alphaclub helps investors

The digital club keeping αlphas happy. You'll be in good company.

“The club has been such a lifesaver for enabling me to diversify my portfolio. It's a wonderful way to mitigate risks.”

Louise BertelsmannVC partner

“Being an absolute neophyte in the fine art and collectibles market, the club brought me all the expertise I needed.”

Alex NgSoftware engineer

“Paul and his team have shown great professionalism in turning my strategy into reality. Highly recommended!”

Jake SullivanTrader

The αlphaclub helps you diversify your crypto investments with advisory & brokerage services for physical collectibles.

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