An αlphateam for your ambitions.

Meet the brilliant people acing at execution.

Paul Fleury
Co-founder / CEO
Paul worked over the past decade for military, governments and Fortune 500 as a confidential private contractor in social engineering security.
Anya Polyakova
Growth hacking / αlpharep®
Anya is a resourceful marketing hero that is not afraid to dig into cutting-edge areas to unleash tremendous potential. She hacks growth, literary.
Yakov Moroz
Co-founder / COO
Yakov is a former Tzahal/IDF officer who has always turned a group of geeks, young or old, into a monumental productive machine.
Boian Mihaylov
Hacker / CTO
Boian is a white hat hacker and he is unrivalled in almost any technical domain, except by his mentors from the Bauman MSTU in the late 1990s.
Laura Decaux
Co-founder / CFO
Laura is an accredited accountant and solid chief financial with three decades of experience in the French textile & e-commerce sectors.
Antoine De Cressy
Influencer / αlpharep®
Antoine is a Parisian hipster who essentially knows everyone there is to know when it comes to brand management and public relations strategy.

Our αlphateam comprises 50+ souls and always looks for more.

Sales manager

We are looking for a talent who can drive a team of sales agents, both local and remotely, and achieve outstanding performance in creating leads, converting sales and making a meaningful contribution to our overall sales strategy.

Engineer (MEAN)

We are looking for a prodigious software engineer who perfectly masters technological stacks such as MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS and Node.JS (MEAN). We will offer this developer a truly creative environment.

Engineer (Sysop)

We would like to hire a confirmed system & network administrator who is able to respond to challenging and dangerous threats, while at the same time researching for capabilities to exploit various IT weaknesses.

Immersive interns

We encourage mobile & ambitious students in the fields of IT and marketing to apply for an internship within our company. We will provide them with immersive & valuable experiences in California, Paris or Barcelona.